In the heart I’m curious like a childhood, in the mind I got the experiences. Myself combine both in the right way

With a decade's experience within the creative sector - working cross discipline as professor at IAAD (institute of applied art and design) and for over four two years I've been Digital Art Director for Castello di Rivoli Museo d'Arte Contemporanea, Fondazione Merz and Premio Mario Merz planning internet strategies, developing the web tv channel, the institutional website and the digital communication.

As Creative I've developed projects spanning both brand and design categories, design projects for Studio65, Robe di Kappa, communication for Rai and campaigns for Frattini and Blab.

In addition to my job for clients i also run several independent projects, always trying to develop and refine my work.
Luana Marmo


Art direction. I'm mainly focusing on art direction & visual design. I have passion for designing engaging experiences, creative and innovative ideas.

Development co-branding operations. Consultancy on definition of the agreement between the companies and institutions for the use of its brands together. The relationship between the company and the institutions of art can be defined for the production of limited edition items.
Consultancy on the implementation of projects for corporate membership. Starting from the resources of the organization is defined as the area of ​​intervention and how to approach the correct order to propose possible sponsorship investments and returns.
Sponsor management. Join art and cultural institutions in the relationship with the companies in order to create partnerships that lead to the development of cultural projects. The task is to find the right partner in the project and its objectives. Manage the relationship with the media for the dissemination and exploitation of project implemented.

Any successful project requires a team. For this reason I have high-skill professionals collaborators capable of dealing with team spirit in all circumstances to achieve maximum results. In the world of connected media we combining creativity, marketing and technology to design great and measurable experience

Art Direction
Graphic design
Website Design
Social Media Strategy


If you need a professional art director for your next project, contact me and tell me more about your company.